Snob zoning

Dear Editor:

Aspen had (and still has) complaints about growth and the Skico. In 1963, I was an Aspen city councilman and used common sense to solve these two problems. 1) that the city form a rec district, sell bonds and buy the Skico. 2) Growth could be controlled if the large land owners would deed restrict their lands and local governments bought up vacant land (open space). Both ideas were DOA.

In 2011 the Skico has grown bigger, more powerful and increasingly difficult to control. The resort’s population growth has been controlled by snob zoning. Zoning is a police power of local governments that has been used to restrict the number of exclusive second homes and to gain control of the workforce by limiting the supply of public housing. Snob zoning is an absolute power that has corrupted democracy in Aspen in order to save it.

KNCB Moore