Snapshot of vendors at Spring into Wellness event Friday in Carbondale |

Snapshot of vendors at Spring into Wellness event Friday in Carbondale

Mental Health Center of Denver CEO Carl Clark checks in on the aquaponics greenhouse at the center's Dahlia campus. The expense has been questioned at a time when wait times for treatment are at a record high.
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Here is a tiny sampling of three of the 45 vendors that will be at the Spring into Wellness event on Friday evening in downtown Carbondale.

Consciously Transforming Space

Candice Hart, the co-owner of Consciously Transforming Space, has always had healthy vibes at the forefront of her interior design business. Calm and cohesiveness are what he strives for and aims to helps clients achieve through design. 

“I’m an interior architect, and we evaluate, space plan, and create a new functional design to help clients live more happily in their homes,” she said.

She re-opened her company with a partner in 2016 after a four-year hiatus. Today, the duo work on projects throughout the Roaring Fork Valley, the Western Slope, and the Front Range. 

Candice Hart.
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She is bringing her newest venture into sustainable and healthy lifestyles to the event.

“We have a new service that we are offering at our office in Carbondale. It’s an AMD ionic cleanse foot bath, which helps remove toxins from your body,” said Hart.

According to her: The process ionizes the water as H20 is split into OH- and H+ ions. These ions attract and neutralize oppositely-charged toxins. After a session, the user feels calm, relaxed, and focused. Typical session times vary from 10 to 30 minutes, primarily based upon age.

“While we do functional design and healthy living in homes, we wanted to expand our services to support healthier lifestyles,” she said. “We will offer a website to have community collaboration to support our Roaring Fork Valley bioregion in regenerating the Earth.”

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Colorado Community Acupuncture

Annie Van Druten moved to Carbondale nine years ago and started her business, Colorado Community Acupuncture, in October 2014. After a childhood in Ohio and undergraduate school, she moved to New York City and received her Master’s of Acupuncture at the Swedish Institute. 

Her office, in Carbondale, has been busier, especially post-COVID. Her services have expanded, too. Now, in addition to traditional acupuncture, she offers cosmetic micro-needling, weight-loss treatments, fertility treatments, light therapy, gua sha (popular for the face, a scraping technique, usually done with a jade or rose quartz stone, and cupping). 

“The most popular treatment I offer is still acupuncture. Clients come in for their aches and pains, immune support, sleep wellness, generalized well-being and emotional health,” she said. 

Van Druten will have a booth at the Spring into Wellness event showcasing her repertoire. 

She also offers community acupuncture, where people can pay on a sliding scale, as she can treat multiple people at the same time. Her next upcoming sessions are April 19 and May 17.

On busy weeks, she will see up to 50 patients in a week.

“I see all ages, children through grandparents. Right now, with the onset of allergies, acupuncture is a trending natural remedy for children, and it can help with sleep as well,” she said. 

“I just love serving my community and working with people one on one. I love helping people. I see acupuncture as a tool to help people; it’s very fulfilling work for me,” she said.

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Mindful Life Program

The Mindful Life Program was co-founded by John Bruna, Mark Molony, and Laura Bartels. The programs integrates the four key areas of mindfulness — attention, wisdom, values, and an open heart — that help lead you to a personal transformation, they said.

The business has been in operation since 2014 at the 3rd Street Center. 

“We believe everyone deserves to live a meaningful life,” said Laura Bartels. “We have courses, online communities, and weekly sessions. We are connecting communities across the world with a warm experience.”

Laura Bartels.
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After a hiatus from the pandemic, the organization is rebuilding itself.

“We host weekly meetings for groups. We do professional trainings and sessions. We also work with local companies, non- and for-profit groups and even government organizations. We do lots of trainings,” said Bartels. 

The Mindful Life Program also helps people and the community who are recovering from an addiction of any kind, she said.  

At Spring into Wellness, there will be a booth and opportunity to sign up for community groups. 

“We had lots of things go online and are excited to be building our physical presence again in the community. On Tuesday nights, we have a 6:30 p.m. in-person mindfulness and recovery session,” she said.  

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