Smuggler manners |

Smuggler manners

Dear Editor:IT HAS TO BE SAID. People are really letting their bad manners and lack of common sense take them over going up and coming down Smuggler.May I? OK. If you are bringing along your furry black dog at noon, bring water, too. It is just plain cruel not to, and then to say “he’s fine” when water is offered. He wouldn’t have drunk half my liter. Believe me, he’s thirsty on Smuggler at noon. Or 2. Or 3. It’s a hike – have some compassion!If you are driving – it’s dusty up there! 10 mph kicks up much less dust than 25 mph. If you are biking down, don’t be a dick and go Mach 5 expecting that everyone will dive out of your way. Pedestrians still have the right of way, especially on the way up!That goes for you “cawfee clatchers” walking down five abreast so no one can penetrate your inner circle. Even if you are a party of one, have some consideration for the person suffering heatstroke and puffing uphill and spare him having to move over for you – you’re going down! And get the hell off the phone! It’s a hike; not a business meeting, and certainly not time to catch up with old friends via the phone. People hike to enjoy the cardio, the bonding with friends (that are physically present) and for our glorious surroundings. Don’t be an ass and blather away on your phone on the platform or elsewhere. It’s just baaad form. No one wants to hear you, you are not more important than anyone else up there and you are lucky someone doesn’t shove it where you may have to have it surgically removed.Thanks, and have a nice day!Sophia PinellaAspen

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