Smith-Halter wedding |

Smith-Halter wedding

Donald M. Smith of Oklahoma City and Aspen, and Krissa K. (Van Pelt) Halter from Denver, exchanged wedding vows in April in an event reflective of the spirit of the Old West.

The couple was married in the ghost town of Ashcroft, 10 miles from Aspen, in a Victorian-themed ceremony. Reverend Luke Back of St Paul’s Cathedral in Oklahoma City officiated, as the couple stood on a foot bridge over Castle Creek.

With wedding vows completed, the couple rode horseback through the snow to the Blue Mirror Saloon, a 130-year-old log structure in Ashcroft, where they hosted guests with champagne and hot cider.

The couple will reside at DuckSmith Farms in Oklahoma, and at Lazy O Ranch near Aspen.

Don is the founder of Smith Cogeneration, a developer and owner of highly efficient power plants and steam for industry. Recently, Don founded Smith Algae Biofuels and BioFeeds to reduce CO2 emissions from his natural gas-fired plant in Oklahoma City. The company will also use algae to produce diesel oil and the type of oils rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which will be fed to a new blood line of cattle, developed at Don’s ranch north of Oklahoma City.


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