Smallest step is most important |

Smallest step is most important

Dear Editor: It’s the smallest step toward cleaning up the Entrance to Aspen, but the most important one. In order to make any improvements to Highway 82, the Federal Highway Administration requires a re-evaluation of the Environmental Impact Study to determine if conditions have changed since the last EIS was conducted. Thank you to the elected officials of Aspen, Snowmass and Pitkin County for approving the funding to re-evaluate what has changed along Highway 82 since the EIS was approved in 1998 to ensure what was approved then will work now and into the future. As many of us look forward to a process which will take some time to complete, we still dread the countless hours of tiresome work which must be done to come to a workable solution with the broadest community support. To Ed Fick and Joe Elsen of CDOT, John Krueger and Lynn Rumbaugh of Aspen’s Transportation Department, and Randy Ready, assistant city manager, please know your tireless pursuit of making conditions better for all travellers along Highway 82 and Main Street/Aspen is greatly appreciated. Toni KronbergAspen


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