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Small wonder

Dear Editor:I have to agree with Mary Ledford on this (Aspen Times, Aug. 30). Aspen had a recent article complaining how no one wants to use the airport. Maybe this is one of the reasons.United finally had a fare into Aspen that is just a few dollars more than what it cost to fly into Denver, and what happens? They conveniently shut down the airport. I’ve been reading The Aspen Times on line and have read the complaints about no one wanting to use the airport. I’ve also read about the problems people have had with the airport. I normally would not bother using the Aspen airport and opt for the drive from Denver, as the scenery is beautiful, however, the fare was too good to pass up.When I got a call from United that the Aspen airport was closed, I wasn’t very happy, as I had based my time off from work to coincide with the fact that I would not need the extra time to travel in from Denver. It seems that they had nothing that would get me into Aspen in time for a commitment I had already made based on flying into Aspen. Now, because of this closing, I’m forced to take another day off of work in order to be able to fly into Aspen in time to make my commitment.I don’t think they realize what the impact of this closing during the John Denver weekend has on people. Now they must find alternate transportation or pay a car rental that requires a hefty fee to return the car to Denver. Or, they have to take alternate transportation into Aspen – again, a hefty fee. Small wonder why people don’t want to use the Aspen airport. Dorothy FearnleyAnsonia, Conn.

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