Slogan in poor taste |

Slogan in poor taste

Dear Editor:

After reading in The Aspen Times that the slogan for this upcoming Wintersköl is “Wintersköl 2012: To Die For,” I had to write and express my disapproval.

Having seen so much death in this town over the last few years I feel it is very inappropriate to use such a slogan. This community has lost so many, especially for a town with a population of only 6,000, in the last few years.

Wallace Westfeld, John Nicoletta, Kiera Tongish, and George Aldrich are just a few of the many that have not survived a ski season here. I feel it would be very irresponsible to move forward using the slogan you have chosen. I’m sure there is at least one out of the more that 115 that were submitted that would be more appropriate.

Jesse Amsel III


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