Sling mud, or help out |

Sling mud, or help out

Three points in response to Todd Coghi’s unsolicited query to me which was, as I understood it: Would I thank him for a “substantial” contribution to “[my] hockey rink” to help repair Todd’s “tarnished image”?

Whoa, I’m flattered you think my endorsement might help.

First, it is everyone’s ICE rink (not hockey) – not mine (your’s, too, Todd). The rink is a part of a tremendous community/youth center and I’m proud to have played a minor role in the effort. Many more than I deserve credit for the success so far.

Second, through incredibly generous contributions we have raised the ice portion of the cost ($5.6 million), but have another $2.4 million to go to get to our full pledge of $8 million to the city. We are working very hard to make that goal and we need the community’s help to finish the job.

Third, I would absolutely thank you for a donation to the rink. As to your image, Todd, that’s up to you – your actions and your letters will seal that fate. All I ask is that discourse be held in a considered and respectful fashion.

Perhaps that would be an appropriate new attitude shift for your PR campaign. If all this is to you is another fun opportunity to throw mud at people you’ve never met, that is also your choice.

How about this, Todd? I would like to invite you and your buddies Pete Luhn and Roger Marolt, with their guests, on a group tour of the new ARC. If you need a wheelchair, or a sling, or a ride, or whatever, let us know in advance and we’ll work it out.

Let’s coordinate this with letters to the editor and get a day that all of us can attend. To start with, pick any Tuesday or Friday morning and let us know with a letter to the editor. We’ll see if we can get Roger and Pete to participate and have some fun – I’ll be there.

If mornings aren’t good, let me know. Just remember, Todd, regardless of the size of the contribution, I’d be pleased to offer a honest thank you for your sincere time and participation. This is a team effort for a good cause and I would greatly appreciate your help.

Scott Writer


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