Slick is in |

Slick is in

Dear Editor:

Watching this environmental disaster

is making me angry and ill.

We have let oil become our master.

Just drill, baby, drill!

What we have done to our planet Earth

is disgusting and disgraceful.

Killing life zones and wildlife brings no mirth.

We’re all guilty of being wasteful.

It’s just another example

of our selfishness and greed,

another human sample

of using more than we really need.

Now they’re making things worse with their chemical fix.

What’s coming next in their bag of fatal tricks?

But, hey, why worry, it’s beautiful here, and it’s not in my backyard?

So I’ll close my eyes, have my fun, not fret and make myself sick.

Let people lose jobs, animals die, and the land look like a junkyard.

After all it’s only an unstoppable, month long, sickening, deadly oil slick!

Darlene Liss