Sledders beware of the dog on Smuggler |

Sledders beware of the dog on Smuggler

Dear Editor:

I was sledding down Smuggler on Saturday afternoon and came to a stop as a large Doberman rushed me. The dog bit me, leaving a painful 6-inch bruise and scratch on my thigh. The owner was at least 50 feet away when it happened.

As the owner walked by me, she said her dog only goes after sledders and there is no way she can control him. So my question is, if she knows this, why would she have her dog off leash on a trail where sledders are an everyday occurrence this time of year? Even if this dog was on leash, I have my doubts that this thin, petite woman could have controlled such a big, powerful dog.

I was reluctant to file a report until I thought about the likelihood of this dog biting someone else if I didn’t. Just the other day I saw a mom and dad walking up Smuggler with two small children carrying sleds. The thought of this large, out-of-control dog going after those young girls prompted me to report the incident. It turns out a woman called the Aspen Police Department a week prior about being bit by a dog of the same description while sledding down Smuggler.

I love this town and the people in it. I hope my willingness to file a report with local authorities and share this information via a letter to the editor sends a clear message to the dog owner, hopefully preventing anyone else from being bitten by this dog.

Kim Estock


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