Sleazy work |

Sleazy work

Dear Editor:The tragic death of Hunter Thompson sure did bring out the ghouls in a hurry.One can only imagine The Aspen Times reporters, huddled at the foot of the Thompson driveway, blocked from creeping up to the house to eavesdrop by the sheriff’s van, according to the story on page one (Aspen Times, Jan. 21).A ha, with due diligence, however, they were able to hear the voice of a distraught woman crying out for a bit of decency, a bit of common courtesy, a bit of compassion and, yes, a bit of privacy in a most difficult time. (I will not repeat the quote attributed to the “woman’s shriek.” I threw up the first time I read it, and don’t want to repeat the process nor to compound the felony.)So what action did these intrepid scribes, Eben and Chad (stage names one wonders?) take in the wake of the impassioned plea from within the house? Why what else? They made their bid for what certainly will be consideration for a Pulitzer, eh?Imagine the breathless conversation: “Jump on this scoop right now Chad.” “OK Eben, I’ll get it to the editor right away. You stay here to see if there’s any more shrieking going on.”Need anyone wonder any longer why “journalists” are so popular in our society? Where in the world was the common sense of the editor? Why was such an obvious outpouring of grief necessary to report the death of a prominent citizen?No doubt freedom of the press will be rolled out as an acceptable (to The Times) reason. That’s always a way out for sleazy work, isn’t it?Pete KerrBasalt

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