Slash and burn by the GOP |

Slash and burn by the GOP

Dear Editor:

Who voted for these Republicans extremists, and did they have any idea of what they were voting for? The House Republicans just voted to slash the Environmental Protection Association budget by a third – more than any other agency. Why? They want to stop the EPA from regulating green house gasses (because they don’t believe in global warming, despite the fact that 97 percent of scientists assure us it is happening), and they want to stop “excessive regulation” – such as protecting the public from cancer causing chemicals that industry likes to use because it’s cheaper or easier than the alternatives.

Why the hell did we hand power over to these bozos? At election time the reasons given were the high unemployment and the slow economic recovery. OK, I get that we were mad that Obama and the Democrats because they didn’t turn around the Bush debacle fast enough, and the public wanted immediate solutions to problems that occurred over decades. But weren’t the Republicans supposed to focus on jobs and the economy? Instead, they’ve focused on their fringe issues: tax cuts for the rich, destroying unions, slashing any programs that help the public but hold businesses responsible for their actions.

Too bad we have to wait almost two more years to send another message. Next time, think before you vote.

Peter Westcott