Slamming City Council and Kronberg

Dear Editor:

I attended last Monday night’s City Council meeting to talk about ballot language for the marketing tax question being put forth this November.

After an hour of public comment, and a lengthy re-review as to why the city moved forward on the Aspen Art Museum deal, the item I was interested in was taken off the agenda and moved to Tuesday. Why not do this first? It would seem like the polite thing to do.

At home, I decided to watch a bit of the meeting to see how we would be voting in the future – I was disappointed the “winner-take-all” method made the ballot.

One proponent, Sy Coleman, professed it would provide diversity to City Council – I don’t agree. But, I’m for diversity. Maybe, what we need is a black, female, Republican Seventh Day Adventist on council. Do we have one of those in Aspen?

Anyway, during a break in the action, I found myself watching “Monday Night Raw,” a professional wrestling program in its 17th year. The similarities were frightening.

I “forced” myself to watch the last match, featuring Toni Kronberg, who talked garbage, literally and figuratively, for what seemed like days. As Toni rambled on, my mind pictured her being body-slammed to the mat.

Suddenly, I found clarity, and realized I had to thank all the people who never voted for me – and there are a lot of you. My hat, literally, is off to those who sat through last night, and did not go home and want to end it all.

Again, thank you, voters.

Andrew Kole