Sky is not falling |

Sky is not falling

I am retired teacher and a rancher in Colorado. When I read that a school food service contractor in Aspen, Ms. Owsley, had pulled beef from their menu after the identification of a single animal with BSE, I was stunned.

As someone who knows the responsibility of caring for children and caring for cattle, I take great pride in the safety and quality of our product. Ms. Owsley has made a decision based purely on emotion.

If she doesn’t trust government, maybe she would the trust the word of one of the finest collegiate institutions in the world. After a multi-year study, the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis concluded the United States is robust against the spread of BSE to animals or humans if it was introduced into the U.S., thanks to the preventive measures already in place.

Ms. Owsley, the sky is not falling. As someone who understands the surveillance systems in place, as well as the risks, I do have confidence in the safety of the product we provide for our children. You can, too.

Jo Stanko, president

Colorado Cattlewomen

Steamboat Springs


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