Skip the visitor center |

Skip the visitor center

Dear Editor:As an occasional visitor to Aspen, it is refreshing to enjoy the town without the common and very mediocre local visitor’s center. I truly hope a great town like Aspen would forgo the folly of a new visitor’s center and the trap you fall into trying to justify funding it every year. These centers are popping up in every rat hole from California to Maine. They are usually nothing more than a public bathroom equipped with another boring slide show or video plus a few maps and a rack of coupons. If you didn’t waste time with the show, you could actually be enjoying the shops and restaurants of Aspen. That means spending money versus looking for coupons in a center.If you want another jobs program to help ARCA management grow their power base, then a visitor’s center is the answer, but Aspen is much better than average and tourists like me have little use for nonsense like this. Aspen has everything to offer a tourist, but ARCA seems to have never had an original idea about how to send that message to people like me. What a shame.David LadewigBirmingham, Ala.

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