Skiing on fluoride |

Skiing on fluoride

Dear Editor:

As I was looking up on Aspen mountain, I was thinking how fortunate we are to have snow making to make skiing even remotely possible at this time of the year. I saw all of the snow guns spraying out all of the snow and how great man-made snow is these days.

Then I thought, “Hey, we’re spraying fluoride all over the mountain! Why does Aspen Mountain need fluoride?” It was just my line of thinking. Even the main promoters of fluoride in the water agree that the best use of fluoride is topically. The Environmental Protection Agency classifies fluoride as a hazardous material. You and I are not allowed to put fluoride in the water. Yet this hazardous material is being sprayed all over our mountains. I know that skiing makes me smile, but I wonder when someone does a faceplant if they are getting other benefits that they are not aware of.

Fluoride is the only drug that is forced as a mass medication of the population, and it does not have any monitoring of the dosing that people receive. It is not a nutrient.

The two most common forms of fluoride put in the water are sodium silicofluoride and hydrofluorosilicic acid. These are waste products from the fertilizer industry and are classified as hazardous wastes. These are the industrial products that are put in the water. They are industrial grade, not even pharmaceutical grade. They also can

be contaminated with lead,

uranium, aluminum, radionucleotides and other industrial contaminants. There are no studies to support safety of these products.

There are 23 human studies and more than 100 studies that show that fluoride reduces IQ. Other conditions connected to fluoride include genetic damage, cancers, thyroid diseases, arthritis, decreased immune functions and numerous others. Do you know anyone with any of these conditions?

Aspen has built a reputation on being healthy. So why do we continue to do something that is so incongruent with that reputation? What will it take to make a change?

Now I have another reason to want the big storms to come, so we don’t have to spray our mountains with the water. And remember, don’t eat the man-made snow, yellow or not.

Dr. Tom Lankering


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