Skiing in Basalt |

Skiing in Basalt

Dear Editor:Basalt has finally made it to the big time, and I’m not referring to real estate. I’m talking skiing! Yes, now you can ski from close to downtown Basalt all the way up to Aspen, if you can handle that burn. Like so many other new amenities, people seem to forget that progress is not all bad. Many still long for the “Good Old Days,” but I, for one, try to embrace the new and let go of the old. I certainly don’t miss the 45-minute ride to the top of Ajax or Highlands. Neither do I miss Guido’s “No Hippies Allowed” matchbooks, or Janie’s Cafe in Basalt with her “No Shirt, No Shoes, No, BRA, No Service!”We all know change is one of the certainties in life and not all new is bad nor all old good. Kudos to the Aspen Valley Nordic Council, Pitkin County Open Space and RFTA for giving us this incredible new amenity.Bruce GabowBasalt