Skico unfair to collegians |

Skico unfair to collegians

I just got my Aspen Classic Pass offer in the mail and was truly disappointed for all CMC students when I saw that Aspen Skiing Co. was excluding accredited two-year schools from their College Classic Pass offer.

Anybody who has earned a certificate or degree or even taken a class or two at CMC knows academically our school is every bit as legitimate and challenging as a four-year school. Aspen Skiing Co. hasn’t caught up to that yet.

Our students often work in the resort industries and help make their success (and elitism) possible. The College Classic Pass policy snubs its nose at about 5,000 CMC students in the Roaring Fork Valley, and nearly 25,000 students in our service area annually. Our full-time students have CMC Student ID cards, so the Skico’s assertion that the college pass system “was being abused” at some point is just their excuse for bad community relations.

Combine this with Aspen’s steep ticket prices and it wouldn’t surprise me if our students chose another mountain. I wouldn’t blame them.

Doug Ellis

Colorado Mountain College