Skico should create goodwill |

Skico should create goodwill

Dear Editor:

Let’s try this again. Just wanted to chime in with my take on the Skico season pass program, or lack thereof.

If you work and live in Aspen there should be only one season pass. I mean a season pass is a season pass is a season pass; when you start offering one-day passes for $700 or flex passes at the low, low rate of $50 per day, I mean come on. I live in a ski town to do just that – ski!

I can compare the Vail Valley’s approach to employee ski passes. You work and live in Vail, you ski, and it’s affordable. I’ve lived in ski towns throughout Colorado, and I’ve never seen such a screwed-up situation as the one here in Aspen; I have also never encountered so many people that live in a ski town who don’t ski because they can’t afford it.

Come on, Skico, offer a seven-day pass with blackout dates over X-mas and Presidents Day to people that work in the businesses that support your base facility at, say, $600. You would be creating goodwill and be doing the right thing, or is that just out of the realm of possibility?

Bruce Benzing


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