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Ski Tuners Ball

May Selby
Life of the party Bob Roll with Christy Sauer and Art Burrows.

Winter was officially christened last Saturday night when the Goldstein family of Aspen hosted their annual Ski Tuners Ball. Distributing flyers to ski shops and spreading the invitation by word of mouth, the Goldsteins assemble quite a gathering of guests each year at their lavish log cabin.

Friends and friends of friends came together on the recent wintry eve to enjoy good tunes, good times and good vibes. Music is always an integral aspect of the party with Gerry Goldstein leading the rhythm section – shaking maracas, beating the bongos and nodding his head. Guests join in waves, collaborating on the musical chords for a while until they retreat to the bar or slip off to the kitchen.

Representatives of local shops such as Hamilton Sports, Performance Ski and Pomeroy made appearances at the party where talk inevitably turned to snow predictions and seasonal conditions. Conversations of camber, foam core and P-Tex wafted through the air.

In appreciation of their warmth and hospitality, the venerable hosts are sure to be treated well at the shops all season. They’ll undoubtedly have the sharpest edges and fastest waxed boards on the hill this winter. And according to the Farmer’s Almanac, we’re in for quite a winter. Bring on the storms!

The Aspen Times, Aspen, Colo.

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