Ski town or what? |

Ski town or what?

Dear Editor:Now I’ve seen everything Aspen. The plowing of half of the Rio Grande trail takes the cake. Are we a ski town or what? Anchorage, Alaska, doesn’t waste money and employees plowing their bike path system, which is extensive. They simply groom everything with snowcats, and the trails are designated multiuse. Because the trails are packed down continuously with walkers, runners, cyclists etc., the trails become firm yet forgiving, much more so than pavement itself.Let’s not prevent skiing by plowing our bike paths. People could commute into town on cross-country skis from the ABC, Truscott, the ARC and the school system. They could commute by foot or bike as well because the trails would be firm enough.Seeing as our city and county are tapped for employees anyway, let’s free up the winter plowers to do other work and leave it to the groomers to cover the entire trail system.Even for those that are limited, a fall on snow is easier to deal with than a fall on slippery pavement. Let’s keep things consistent, winter is winter, and summer is summer – let’s not try to keep summer in the winter by plowing, let’s encourage skiing and other multiuse activities through grooming our trails.Mike TreckerAspen


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