Ski instructors are well paid |

Ski instructors are well paid

Dear Editor:

It’s been too long, I have bit my tongue long enough, now I feel the need to respond.

Lee Mulcahy has been dragging the Ski Schools of Aspen through the mud long enough. It sounds like he has been dragging for 15 years or so. Now I shall sling some mud of my own.

Mr. Mulcahy has filed multiple lawsuits against the Aspen Skiing Co. He claims that a ski school instructor is paid an average of $66 per day! Mr. John Galante, in “Shame on you” (Aspen Daily News Dec. 19, 2010), responded to this accusation, making the claim of “scandalous.” There have been multiple letters from guests of the ASC who have taken lessons and are upset with the accusations of Mr. Mulcahy, thinking they are true. In fact they are not!

Fact: I worked for the Ski Schools of Aspen 1996-1999.

Fact: I have never been paid better for any job!

Fact: I made $8 an hour for not taking a lesson and going riding for two hours.

Fact: ASC employees were the highest paid ski instructors on Earth during my time instructing. I know this from talking with other instructors while I was taking my Cert 1 tests at Sunlight Mountain.

Fact: I was paid more while teaching snowboarding at Snowmass than my previous jobs: restaurant manager, apprentice carpet installer, patient transport orderly at NCMC at Greeley, county road and bridge worker in Oklahoma, ski tuner at Aspen Velo, ski tuner at Christy’s sports Snowmass, lawn mower in Oklahoma, and lawn mower in this valley two summers ago – during the recession when I was happy to be employed and paying my mortgage!

Don’t let Mr. Mulcahy blow more smoke up your ass than a dispensary in Carbondale! ASC instructors are well compensated! Ryan Shornery points out instructors are given a $2 per hour increase for every 70 hours worked and a $2 increase for level 1. If you get off your ass, get level 1, and work 70 hours quickly – you’re making $4 more then you started at. What other job offers a $4 increase in 70 hours?

So Mr. Mulcahy, if you do not like your present job, go get another one. I always need someone to cut tile for about $7 an hour if you get really bent out of skiing shape.

Or are you just hoping to unionize the Ski Schools so instructors can pay union dues and you can make a percentage of that money as a union executive? Don’t mislead visitors that you are underpaid.

That is all for now, but since I have worldwide intra webber netting ability from the comfort of my own home, I will be unloading more frequently!

John Norman


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