Ski folk are the best folk |

Ski folk are the best folk

I am writing this letter because I want to state publicly how much my husband and I appreciate the personnel attending to the needs of the skiers on the hill.

The lift attendants are, without exception, on the ball, cheerful and taking care of business in general. I fell the other day getting off the lift at Sam’s Knob; the operator had the lift stopped and was there, in a flash, helping me. Always, as I get on and off the lift, I notice the attendants and their competency.

Then there are the ski-patrol angels. Yes, this is what I call them, angels! I know for sure that I am much safer due to their expertise, knowledge, kindness and strength. Early in the season, at Two Creeks, my husband and I needed their help because of fog and flat light. These men were skilled, able and well trained.

It was because of this experience I decided that they were really angels; I only wish there were twice as many of them.

My husband and I have skied all over the western United States and in Europe, so our ski experience is extensive. I say this because we have had many opportunities to observe other ski areas and we know that, day in and day out, skiing in Aspen is the best in the world.

Roseann Munson

Bellevue, Wash.