Ski day success

Dear Editor:We would like to extend a huge thank-you to all the caring and generous people in our community who helped make our annual Buddy Program Ski Day on Sunday, March 11, a huge success. With the generous support of various individuals and businesses in the community, we were able to offer many youth and their mentors an exhilarating day of skiing and snowboarding.First, we would like to thank the Aspen Skiing Co. for making it all happen – especially Matt Hamilton for his leadership and support; and Carter Jones and his crew at Pro Mountain Sports for gearing up many, many people at once.Next, a huge thank you to Barb Maxson for setting up all the lessons at Buttermilk and Linda Vitti, Emily Kirsh and the rest of the instructors for their patience, time and instruction expertise. You all helped many kids have a brand-new and exciting experience, and we couldn’t have done it without your commitment.We would also like to thank Earlene Swaner at the Inn at Aspen for a wonderful lunch and Joel Stonington for coming out to Buttermilk and interviewing Buddy pairs.Our gratitude also goes to John Provine for his kind and thoughtful contribution to our Ski Day. We are so grateful for your generosity and support of this special program!And lastly, to all the Big Buddies, thanks for coming and providing your Little Buddies with a memorable experience and a great time. You are truly the most important part of our program and you are making such a difference for our entire community by spending valuable time with our local youth. Your kindness and generosity is so appreciated.We are so truly thankful for all the kind souls and consistent supporters from our community who care about mentoring youth and making a difference in children’s lives.Cathy Fisher GrueterDirector of programsThe Buddy ProgramAspen


Professional dancers return to Aspen to perform in ‘The Nutcracker’

Roaring Fork Valley natives Emily Ridings and Nikki Ferry have come full circle when it comes to dance. Both studied dance with Aspen Santa Fe Ballet (ASFB) as kids, continued their training with other prominent schools, and now return this weekend, as ASFB presents “The Nutcracker” at Aspen District Theater.

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