Ski bums aren’t dead … |

Ski bums aren’t dead …

… They’re selling real estate, living in big Aspen mansions and have the chutzpah to sit on the gondola and tell me about the glory days in town, when everything was cheap and everyone was usually naked and sedated.I’ve had enough.The 1970s are gone, man. And so are the gas-guzzling Cameros, gonorrhea epidemics and bad acid trips that came with them.The mythology of Aspen is starting to wear thin on me.Yes, it must have been great when the lunatics ran the asylum, when Hunter S. Thompson was a viable candidate for sheriff and when there was a freewheeling spirit and sense of community in Aspen, but let’s live with what we’ve got.If you can’t make this your “good old days,” then go somewhere else.Anyone with more than a few brain cells rattling around who knows how to set an alarm and wake up to it is guaranteed a job. And if you’re clever you can find yourself some groovy housing, get a ski pass and rip this mother up.What more do you want?So, you can’t afford to eat out every night and a drink in most bars costs as much as meal at a diner in Poughkeepsie – enter the patio grill and the downvalley package store.The good old days sound pretty good, but they’re gone. And I don’t want to hear about them from the same hippies who’ve turned yuppies and gloat over their insight to buy low and sell high in a town that’s shot through the roof.The same guy who leveraged that job bumping chairs at Aspen Mountain into a summer course in real estate, only to become the very dirt pimp or devious developer who helped make Aspen unattainable for all but the billionaires, has the guts to tell me how Aspen is spoiled.Sure Aspen has changed, but until they pave these mountains and put up a parking lot, I’m going to go out and play (and maybe look into some night courses in real estate).

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