Ski Arizona

Dear Editor:

Mr. David K. Gibson’s letter to the edi­tor (March 23), in which he concludes that the warm temps and early snowmelt this year is not caused by global warming, but in fact by daylight-savings time arriving three weeks early, is nothing short of bril­liant.

How could we all have missed the obvious?

We are so impressed by this hypothesis that we have decided to do our own field trip to … “The Land of Enchantment,” Arizona. Arizona is in fact only one of two states that does not change to daylight-sav­ings time. Our intent is to do extensive research on weather and temperature. Our research tools will include but are not lim­ited to the Weather Channel and our golf clubs, supplemented by a pair of Apache Recon as well as a pair of Atomic Teles (just in case Mount Lemmon is open for skiing), which, as theory has it, should be skiing better then any of our Colorado resorts now.

Though we don’t know Mr. Gibson per­sonally, he is welcome to head up the research team. We will be publishing our findings in Nature Magazine some time in the near future. Not to jump to conclu­sions, but I dare say that we should all be prepared to set our clocks two hours behind next year in March, instead of one hour ahead. We will keep you posted.

Yasmine de Pagter