Ski areas share blame on climate

Dear Editor:

Does anyone in the ski industry want to take responsibility for its “big” contribution to climate warming and climatic changes in mountainous areas?

Annual snowmaking has bad results, too, doesn’t it? It’s the old game of robbing Peter to pay Paul. Snowmaking disrupts the natural order of things concerning the hydrosphere – isn’t that right?

Any snowmaking climate model will reveal what bad environmental and climatic outcomes snowmaking and ski resorts do over time. Weather never guarantees climate consistency.

Climate is an up-to-the-present average over the years of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly weather results. Climate is a weather story over a period of time.

The ski industry is a major cause of climate change by

using snowmaking technology, encouraging petroleum-based transportation and products, forest destruction of trees and animal habitat along with road, housing and resort construction and geological erosion, among other factors.

Let water go where Mother Nature wants it to go – whether on land or in the atmosphere – because snowmaking screws up the atmosphere.

Enough said!

Emzy Veazy III

Burbank, Calif., and Aspen