Ski accident earns Australian $45,000 |

Ski accident earns Australian $45,000

Aspen Times Staff Report

An Australian man who was injured in a skiing accident in February of 1997 on Aspen Mountain won $45,000 in court settlement.

Julien Klettenber was skiing on Aspen Mountain when an out-of-control skier ran into him. The settlement money will come from the other skier’s insurance company, according to Aspen attorney Dan Shipp.

Klettenberg suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his knee when Larry Mott, of Florida, lost control and crashed into him, Shipp said. Ski patrollers interviewed several witnesses and determined Mott was at fault in the collision.

On behalf of Klettenberg, Shipp filed suit in January of 1999 against Mott’s insurance company, Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Company, in order to recover medical expenses and other damages. Following the accident, Dr. Gary Brazina operated on Klettenberg at Aspen Valley Hospital to repair the knee.

The case was settled in May of 1999 when Mott’s insurance company agreed to settle the case for $45,000, Shipp said.

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