Skadron ready to lead

Dear Editor:

Experience and trust, especially in small-town politics, are two things you can’t buy, fake or steal. As the mayor of Telluride, I have had the good fortune to work with your Councilman Steve Skadron on a broad menu of issues that significantly impact our communities.

Steve has consistently shown his remarkable ability in focusing large groups of elected politicians and municipal employees on the core elements of solutions that build common ground and explore new and creative options for serving our residents. Steve is tenacious, fair-minded, a tough negotiator and a consensus-builder who uses his large toolbox of political skills to face the challenges head-on in this troublesome time of volatile revenues and high expectations from our resort business communities.

As a long-standing member of the Colorado Association of Ski Towns, Steve has been honored for his hard work and leadership by being selected to the executive board. Working in concert with 26 towns and five counties, Steve has gained the reputation as a street smart, savvy advocate for a host of shared concerns. He is respected by his peers as a man of high integrity, quick wit and an uncommon ability to think outside the box when facing seemingly impossible hurdles.

I especially value his mentorship in our shared role as members of the Colorado Association of Ski Towns. Steve’s work as vice-president of our organization has paid huge dividends for our communities as he has helped lead our efforts to track down and identify unscrupulous enterprises that find loopholes and back-door deals to maximize their profits and avoid paying their required share of generated sales tax. No one is better at challenging the status quo in order to make our communities healthier, safer, and better able to compete in a global tourist market than Steve Skadron.

Please give Steve the support he needs to continue to effectively represent Aspen and all of Colorado’s municipalities with his energy, sincerity and leadership. Vote for Steve Skadron as your mayor.

Stu Fraser

Mayor, Telluride

President, CAST


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