Size doesn’t matter |

Size doesn’t matter

Dear Editor:

Susan O’Neal has come to City Council with what she perceives as a simple request.

She wants a separate dog run for small dogs. She has a small dog. She says her dog is in danger of being bitten or swallowed up by a large dog.

I remember when all dogs, small and large, mutts and purebreds, played together … could have a bone together. Those were the days.

Susan O’Neal wants a special place to have little dogs play with other little dogs. She argues that big dogs don’t play well with little dogs. The truth is well-behaved dogs get along with other well-behaved dogs. And neurotic, insecure dogs do not.

Maybe we should have a separate run for neurotic and insecure dogs?

How about a separate run for labs? I am sure they would rather play with other labs then be subject to mixing with other breeds.

And what about cats? Shouldn’t they have the same amenities as dogs?

City Council might like a fenced off area just for themselves?

My point is … well, you get my point ” it’s obvious.

Ms. O’Neal initially wanted “her” dog run at Koch Park. I pointed out fencing in a gaggle of small dogs while people were playing volleyball would only result in a barking contest. She told me her dog didn’t bark. She literally nipped her dog’s ability to bark in the bud. Ruff!

Jack Johnson said it best: “I haven’t heard a compelling argument to make a distinction between small and large dogs.”

Why no compelling reason? Because there isn’t one!

Ms. O’Neal tells you that according to veterinarian Scott Dolginow at the Aspen Animal Hospital, “143 small dogs were attacked by large dogs” over the last year.

Close ” but no steak bone tonight, Susan.

First, as Scott also has a hospital in Basalt, you can divide everything in half. Next, as it turns out, over 50 percent of those attacks were by wildlife, and there is no record as to how many dogs were bitten when running free with other dogs in parks. But if

Scott had to take a guess at the number of small dogs bitten by larger dogs in parks in Aspen, it would probably be less then seven, after you do the math.

But, hey … why let a few facts get in the way of one’s cause?

Andrew Kole


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