Size does matter |

Size does matter

The Town Mothers seem to be complaining about anything that gets proposed for the CRMS mall site. Well, if you stop and look at the situations, it’s just not true.

1. They fundamentally agreed with the first building site proposal, but recommended a 60,000 square foot building cap, while choking on the 12-plex cinema complex.

2. They fundamentally agreed with something being built on the CRMS site this second time around, but more in line with the 60,000 square foot building cap, this time choking on the 125,000 square foot proposed bigger boxer. Don’t forget that Glenwood’s Wal-Mart is only 110,000 square feet. The largest mall in America is only 10 times larger than this whole CRMS proposed mall.

3. The last time that I checked, 24.84 percent of our existing shopping mall spaces were vacant. What is one more mall, and a mega mall, going to do to that, to you, to me?

Check Newsweek magazine’s June 3 issue on pages 36 and 37. Wal-Mart is leading the country with small neighborhood market stores of about 50,000 square feet with over 50 of them now.

Best Buy is going for stores of two-thirds their usual store size for smaller communities. Home Depots have been able to come up with stores less than half their usual size in some urban areas. Target/Kohl’s and Toys R Us are considering following this trend of shoppers preferring commerce over endless selection and thus reducing the stress of big-box jungle shopping.

Don’t forget Carbondale is barely some 6,000 people. The Town Mothers do know what they want and what Carbondale needs and we are letting you know. Vote NO. Thanks.

Doc Philip

Town Mother

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