Size does matter |

Size does matter

Dear Editor:Those in favor of the proposed Lodge at Aspen Mountain keep ignoring the fact that it is 100 percent larger than what zoning allows. In addition, 40 percent will be 55 feet tall. That is much higher than the new Limelite and Dancing Bear. Not concerned? Just stand at the corner of Monarch and Hyman and observe the steel that will become these two projects obliterating mountain views from town.Proponents keep citing the benefits to the community, some of which are only benefits to the developer. Regarding the proposed new 1A Lift, John Sarpa, one of the principals with the project, was recently quoted as saying, “The cul-de-sac at the end of South Aspen Street would be higher, so getting to the lift wouldn’t be as taxing as one might think.” What is he talking about? The people who typically walk up Aspen Street to the lift will still have to hike an additional 235 feet higher regardless of where the cul-de-sac is located. Is this a benefit to the town or just the hotel guests, fractional share and condo owners? Who, by the way, will probably still opt to ride the gondola which will result in on-going vans delivering people to gondola plaza.I believe the developers’ intention in removing all the free parking places on both sides of South Aspen Street is to create a grand entrance into their hotel complex using a city street that will then be worthless to the general public.I implore the city council to require this development to meet current zoning codes and not to give away a city street!Clarence BlackwellAspen