Six years of proof |

Six years of proof

Dear Editor:We do have a government money can buy. The last six years is proof of it.Too bad, John Kerry should have read his botched joke. When you read or hear the whole thing you know Kerry was talking about Bush NOT about the troops over in Iraq. Bush and Karl Rove were quick to jump on a mistake and turn it into something that the Republicans can repeat, repeat and repeat for days. Some people will believe them – I do not. I have great respect for the men and women that serve in an UNNECESSARY WAR that has taken so many young lives in October. OVER 100 in just 31 days. Did you know Bush says February has 30 days? That’s a new one but only heard one time on TV. They quickly hushed that up.Surely the Democrats cannot do any worse than the Republicans have done in the last six years. Spend and spend until we are in debt up to our eyeballs – and to overseas countries at that. I hope you got out and voted – for whomever you want.Mildred BaumliCarbondale

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