Six of nine candidates in Basalt election forego contributions; Kane far outspends foes |

Six of nine candidates in Basalt election forego contributions; Kane far outspends foes

Basalt mayoral candidate Bill Kane has raised $5,470 in cash and more than $1,000 in in-kind service for his campaign, far outdistancing all other eight candidates in the April 7 municipal election in contributions and expenditures.

Kane’s report filed with the town of Basalt shows he has raised $5,470 from 25 donors. Neither of his opponents — Bill Infante or Rob Leavitt — accepted contributions.

In fact, Leavitt has attempted to make that an issue.

“I plan to make this campaign about ideas and leadership, not about yard signs,” Leavitt wrote in an opinion piece that recently ran in The Aspen Times. “I will not accept campaign contributions and pledge to spend no more than $1,000 on my campaign.”

He urged people who would otherwise support his campaign to contribute to schools, churches or environmental causes rather than politics.

Leavitt’s finance report said he has spent $521.59 for brochures and posters and he has collected $175 in in-kind service from a graphic designer.

Infante’s report said he has spent $26.64 for postcards, $330.07 for yard signs, $65.26 for the voter lists in Eagle and Pitkin counties and $299.74 with a printer. His total expenditures through March 17 were $721.71.

Kane spent $2,389.53 through March 12 on yard signs and door hangers. He had $3,080.47 cash in hand.

Kane’s donors were: Doug MacDonald, Basalt, $500; Sam Hais, Clayton, Missouri, $2,000; Margaret Woods, Basalt, $20; Barbara Reid, Aspen, $150; Don Erdman, Basalt, $50; Ken Ransford, Carbondale, $250; Michael Stern, Basalt, $150; David Myler, Basalt, $200; David Chase, Snowmass, $50; Arnold Porath, Aspen, $500; Alan Schwartz, Basalt, $200; Mary Fox, Basalt, $100; Kathleen Cole, Basalt, $100; Andrea Rossetti Hollerbach, Basalt, $50; Lucy Smythe, Basalt, $25; Linda Haydock, Basalt, $100; Enid Ritchig, Basalt, $50; David Corbin, Basalt, $100; Stanley Gertzbein, Basalt, $100; Nina and Dick Stumpf, Basalt, $100; Sally Cole, Basalt, $75; Kent Meager, Snowmass, $250; and Dennis Carruth, Carbondale, $150.

Kane received a contribution of $50 from incumbent Councilwoman Jennifer Riffle, who is seeking re-election, but her donation was returned, according to the report.

In addition to the cash, Kane received $1,031.25 in donated services or products for his campaign. That included $371.25 from Alan Schwartz for “meet and greet food” and the following amounts for other campaign events: $120 for one case of wine from Bill Hegberg; $40 for sparkling water and wine from Sarah Shaw; $300 for food and beverages from Gino and Donna Rossetti; and $200 from Basalt Town Councilman Auden Schendler.

In the council race, only Riffle and Glenn Drummond collected donations. Riffle’s report showed she collected $625 in donations from eight parties through Feb. 26. The contributors were John Perko, Basalt, $50; Doug MacDonald, Basalt, $300; Richard Stumpf and Heather Hicks, Carbondale, $25; Rose Ann and Michael Leiner, Aspen, $50; Lee Reed, Carbondale, $50; Bernie and Donna Grauer, Basalt, $50; Gerald Terwilliger, Basalt, $50; and Katie Schwoerer, Basalt, $50.

Riffle had spent $421.01 on yard signs through Feb. 26.

Council candidate Tiffany Haddad didn’t collect contributions and spent $160.16 on yard signs and $82.11 on campaign postcards, according to her report.

David Knight didn’t collect donations and spent $105 on yard signs and $52.87 on printing of materials.

Elyse Hottel didn’t collect donations or spend any funds, her report said.

Kirk “Dieter” Schindler didn’t collect donations and spent $399.84 on yard signs.

Drummond’s report said he collected $3,295 in contributions and spent $2,098.75 through March 17.

His donations came from: himself and his wife, Genny, $700; Nancy Drummond of Sheridan, Wyoming, $500; Jacque Whitsitt, mayor of Basalt, $300; Mark Drummond, Glenwood Springs, $500; Mead Meredith, Silver Spring, Maryland, $50; Jaime Cheman, Silver Spring, Maryland, $50; Temple Glassier, Missouri Heights, $875; and Doug MacDonald, Basalt, $300.

Drummond spent $137.20 on yard signs, $874.65 on printing materials and $1,052.90 on advertising.

He had $1,196.25 funds on hand as of March 17.

The April 7 election is by mail ballot. In addition to selecting a mayor from the three candidates, voters will fill three council seats from the field of six candidates.


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