Six more candidates join Basalt races |

Six more candidates join Basalt races

Staff report

Basalt politics are nothing if not motivational these days.

Six additional candidates joined the field in the races for mayor and three council seats over the past two days, joining six who previously took out nomination petitions.

The list of people who picked up petitions was provided by Town Clerk Pam Schilling.

Former Basalt Mayor Leroy Duroux picked up a petition but said he hadn’t determined yet what office he will seek.

Haley Thompson, Carol Hawk and Jen Riffle picked up petitions for seats on Town Council on Thursday. Mark Kwiecienski and Bel Carpenter picked up petitions Wednesday. Incumbent Rob Leavitt announced he will seek re-election to a council seat.

The potential candidates who previously picked up petitions were incumbent Mayor Jacque Whitsitt, incumbent Councilmen Herschel Ross and Rick Stevens, and Auden Schendler.

Current Councilman Bernie Grauer picked up a petition to run for mayor. He said he might withdraw from the race at a later date. He has two years remaining on his council term.

Whitsitt said she is running for re-election as mayor and Ross is seeking to retain a council seat.

Stevens hasn’t announced what office he is seeking for unspecified reasons. Schendler said he will probably run for council if he runs for any office.

The mayor’s seat and the three council seats up for grabs are all for four-year terms.

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