Six months to an apology? |

Six months to an apology?

Dear Editor:I don’t care if Thomas Friedman lives in a grass hut and raises bees. He betrayed his moderate/liberal following and The New York Times’ readership to sell the war in Iraq. During the prewar buildup, Mr. Friedman appeared to be possessed by a neocon cheerleader and then continued on as a yappy, pro-Bush lapdog. He has much to apologize for, and little of it has to do with the size of the carbon footprint wedged in his mouth. I wonder how many Friedman Units it will take before any of us read that apology?Friedman Unit: repeated use of “the next six months” as the time period in which, according to Thomas Friedman, “we’re going to find out … whether a decent outcome is possible” in the Iraq war. Friedman had been making such six-month predictions for a period of two and a half years, on at least 14 different occasions.Patrick HasburghPanorama, British Columbia

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