Sister Helen Holy: A staple for Aspen Gay Ski Week’s downhill fun |

Sister Helen Holy: A staple for Aspen Gay Ski Week’s downhill fun

Sister Helen Holy, played by comedian Paul J. Williams, serves as the Aspen Gay Ski Week downhill’s legendary emcee. A result of Williams’ Southern Baptist upbringing, Sister Helen Holy is equal parts satire and wit.

Having led the costume contest as emcee since 2001 (with a brief exception), Sister Helen Holy is now a staple for the annual event.

We caught up with her this week to find out a few of her Aspen favorites.

Aspen Times: Favorite mountain?

Sister Helen Holy: None of them, I’m afraid I might break a hip. Besides, I prefer to stay at the bottom of the mountain and scold the sodomites as they come down.

AT: Favorite place to apres?

SHH: Any place I can lay hands on many people. I always enjoy a ministry of touch.

AT: Favorite restaurant?

SHH: Well, I usually like any restaurant that’s upstairs so that I can pretend like I’m having my last supper in the upper-room, just like in the bible. But I don’t want to give anybody particular favor, otherwise the rest of them will get upset with me.

AT: Favorite event at Gay Ski Week?

SHH: Well other than mine, of course, I enjoy the pool party because it’s an opportunity for me to baptize as many people as possible.

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