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Sing our own song

Dear Editor:

Come on! We have this magnificent, if not historic, archeological find, and the best the Snowmass Village Town Council can do is adopt Widespread Panic’s “Big Woolly Mammoth” song as the Village’s official song?

We have more talent in this valley than ancient bones (600 bones at last count), yet we adopt a song that has nothing to do with the Snowmass area, Ziegler Reservoir or anything else in our valley. We have brilliant songwriters, poets, writers and artists (not to mention endless innovative weirdoes) in residence, so let’s show some local pride and come up with our own song.

Snowmass Village has done an excellent job dealing with their prehistoric animals, and I assume that Widespread Panic is a popular and talented group, but wouldn’t it be nice if we encouraged local talent to inundate Pitkin County with their creativity? I believe we would applaud the end result.

Gaylord T. Guenin

Woody Creek


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