Silly Wabbit … but one fantastic wine opener |

Silly Wabbit … but one fantastic wine opener

Kelly J. Hayes
Aspen Times Weekly

There are a number of ways to open a bottle of wine.

You could use an “Ah-So,” those two-pronged thing-ys that some wine guys carry that is also called “The Butler’s Friend.” You could use a folding corkscrew, the kind with a small retractable blade for slicing the foil on the bottle. You could even whip out your Swiss Army Knife.

Or you could unscrew the cap.But if you want to uncork a bottle of wine in three seconds flat using less than a calorie of energy, The Original Rabbit is the tool you for you.

The Original Rabbit™ Corkscrew is made by a company called Metrokane that markets proprietary, design-oriented houseware products. Their stuff reminds me of the OXO kitchen products that are so popular; you know the potato peelers and juice squeezers that have the black rubber handles.

Anyway, The Original Rabbit is a “machine” that has three protruding parts, two of which you wrap around the neck of a wine bottle and squeeze with one hand to grasp the bottle. With the other hand you flip the third appendage up and over the top of the bottle, which inserts a corkscrew into the cork. Reverse the flip and with slippery ease the cork slides out of the bottle. Got it?

The beauty is in the ease of the pull. Once the cork is extracted it also easily slides off of the screw. Simple. Look up the word ergonomic in the dictionary and a picture of The Original Rabbit should appear.

Beyond the simplicity, The Original Rabbit feels really good. Made of a lightweight steel, rubber and ABS plastic, it is both solid and smooth. The Pink Rabbit, a special edition sold only during October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, is especially nice. And there are a number of variations on the theme that range in price from $40 for the original, to $125 for a VIP edition that comes in a leather case.

 A “better mousetrap” was introduced by Metrokane this past year and it is called a “Vertical Rabbit.” Rather than having three appendages, the Vert, as it will inevitably be called, features a cylinder with a single handle. Simply drop the cylinder over the neck of the bottle, squeeze, and then flex the lever down and then up.

Bottle open. Salud.

(You can find the Rabbits at and in kitchen and wine shops.)


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