Silent majority |

Silent majority

Dear Editor:

I don’t remember reading about nice and decent Muslims fighting jihadists. The majority of peaceful Muslims far outnumber the terrorists among them but moderate Muslims appear to be sitting on the sidelines waiting to see who wins in the war between the religious terrorists and Western civilization.

I have never read that the Muslim peoples and their countries have spoken out against and acted against: suicide bombers; aircraft hijacking; schools that teach their young to hate the West; dancing in Arabian streets after 9/11; the preaching of the hate of Israel; the jihadists’ murder of so many Muslim innocents; the widespread ban on Christian churches in the Mideast; nor have they clearly opposed Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Perhaps the nice and decent and mighty majority of Muslims are not our enemies, but it is easy for me to see that their do-nothing attitude aids and abets our nasty and murderous jihadist enemies.

Be brave, Comrades.

KNCB Moore

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Santa Barbara, Calif.

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