Signs, signs … everywhere signs |

Signs, signs … everywhere signs

Dear Editor:

What in blue blazes is going on at the Woody Creek post office? Passing by today, I noticed some really big and ugly metal signs going up screaming ONE WAY/DO NOT ENTER/PARKING ONLY FOR CLIENTS or some such ridiculous directionary instructions … all in the space of less than a quarter of a city block. PLEASE! Do we really need this direction and this modernization of a supposed last bastion of peace and quiet? Where are the once-typically traditional Woody Creatures’ resistance to this blight of growth and development?

Is this governmental issue? Do we really have to look at this mess? Are there now an inordinate number of people that cannot handle driving in and out of the space without such help?

Does anyone else see this as a plain eyesore and ludicrous? Is someone else’s sense of control out of our community control? I am all for helping people not hurt themselves, but this is silly.

Where is Hunter when we need him?

Maureen Markov