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Sign the referendum petition

Dear Editor: Two “good government” initiatives were circulated and recently certified. One would put larger government projects to the voters after final plans and costs are disclosed. The other would prevent negotiations with landowners in the county interested in annexing into the city on their own terms and require that they abide by the zoning terms applicable to everyone already in the city.With larger government projects going to the voters after final plans and costs are disclosed, voters could cast their vote of approval or disapproval. Good proposals would succeed and those without merit would fail at the polls. These two initiatives are currently scheduled on the May ballot.Subsequent to submitting the two “good government” initiatives, (but prior to voters rejecting or approving them into law on the May ballot), the development and annexation described below came along and caught the attention of many concerned citizens.On Valentine’s Day, the mayor and three of her colleagues voted to annex the Bar/X Ranch into the city of Aspen. A portion of the ranch is proposed for Burlingame units. During that meeting, Terry Paulson asked the mayor and his other three council colleagues if they would refer the annexation to the voters. Torre was the only other to agree to refer the annexation to the voters. The message from Helen, Rachel and Tim effectively was this: The only way we will listen to our constituents is if you (Terry) hit the street and refer our decision tonight to the voters via a referendum.So, Terry put just such a referendum petition together and is currently (along with many other concerned people) gathering signatures for this referendum before the deadline of March 22.Now, (two weeks into the four weeks that Terry and his petitioners have to collect the signatures) we hear that Helen, Tim and Rachel think that Terry’s idea to hear from the voters on this annexation was a good idea after all. The problem with this is that Helen, Tim and Rachel can just as easily change their minds yet again after March 22 and decide to take their question off the ballot. At that time, it will be too late for Terry (or anyone else) to refer this decision to the voters.So, the only way to ensure you have an opportunity to make your voice heard regarding Burlingame is to sign Terry’s new petition before March 22. This petition is separate from and unrelated to the two earlier initiative petitions. This new petition will be available from noon to 1 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the courtyard outside Paradise Bakery.My thanks go out to the signers and volunteers supporting the right to refer this council decision to the voters.Bert MyrinAspen

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