Sick of the damned liberal media |

Sick of the damned liberal media

I’ve been thinking about the so-called “liberal bias” in the press in general, and your paper in particular.

Nearly every day I read articles that find fault with traditional American values of private property, free enterprise, Judeo-Christian morality and personal responsibility.

Your writers advocate welfare for unproductive people they say need “help,” special privileges for people they describe as “oppressed” and higher taxes for productive people (people who work ? the “rich”).

Successful people are vilified because they don’t share their “success” (aka money/private property) with the unsuccessful. Liberal writers want government to take a bigger role in everyone’s life; socialized medicine, income redistribution, subsidized housing/rent control, education, to name a few.

Our use of the English language is evil because it fosters “discrimination” against those who can’t read/speak it. They tell us the “American way of life” is why other countries hate us. They point to our “wealth” as evidence of excess.

Anyone who supports defense with a strong military force is a “war monger” and against “peace.” Promotion of our successful system of free enterprise to less developed parts of the world is “imperialism” or, the recently popular “globalization” (to be “against globalization” has become a clever way of saying one is against capitalism/free enterprise).

Liberals, they tell us to accept abortion that kills innocent unborn children and to oppose the death penalty that kills vicious murderers. It’s OK to kill unborn children but we must not threaten a herd of elk.

They oppose cigarettes but tell us we should legalize “drugs.” They are against fossil fuel, hydroelectric power and atomic energy. Nearly any use of natural resources is “bad” for our “mother earth.”

A permissive attitude that endorses slovenly behavior, immoral lifestyles and rotten language is OK because it symbolizes “freedom.” Your writers frequently use words in print that most of us consider profane and unacceptable.

Liberals take the position that if “things” don’t come out “equal” there must be some sort of “discrimination” at work. I get tired of “diversity” and hyphenated names/origins.

Why can’t we champion America as a “melting pot” where people from different backgrounds come together and emerge as “one” as Americans? In my view diversity should be something we try to eliminate.

They want government to control matters they deem “unworthy” but they want “privacy” for themselves. This perplexes me. I can only assume they want personal privacy to engage in personal behavior that is illegal (drugs?) or deviant/immoral.

They view my personal property as something different. My personal property (money is a form of personal property) belongs to the government in their view.

Liberals would subordinate our system of government to “world government.” After all, they say, “We are all on the planet together.” If you want to know where this leads, take note that the U.N. just named Libya as the head of the U.N. Commission for Human Rights!

Your writers tell us the values that have been in place in our country for over two centuries are/were fundamentally “bad” and must be replaced with a socialist system that gives government the power to tell us what is best for us.

Of course, they always say they are loyal Americans. Are they? I don’t believe they are. I conclude they want us to reject our heritage of freedom and turn to a “dictatorship” that will tell us exactly how to behave and what to believe.

Think about it: They are against religion and the concept of “God.” Isn’t that a key element of Marxism? I believe they are trying to start a revolution.

It is time those of us who are productive and believers in traditional values to get ready to answer a “call to arms” to defend the way of life and values that have served our country well.

Bill Schaffer


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