Sic Armstrong on ’em |

Sic Armstrong on ’em

Dear Editor:

Jon Barnes hit the nail on the head with “Safety first” (Aspen Daily News, June 3). On June 2, the Aspen Daily News ran a front-page picture of a BMX rider pulling a “no-hander” in the Glenwood skate park, and without a helmet or any other padding.

I know the Aspen park, and most all parks operated by a municipality, have a mandatory helmet rule. I assume Glenwood is no different!

This is not the first front-page pic of a brainless adrenaline junkie in local parks, without a helmet on. Maybe the papers should at minimum mention the helmet rule in its caption of the lawless jibber. Or maybe we could get Mr. Armstrong to roll by the parks and throw down some citations to the hooligans who can’t read the rule postings. I hear he is very dedicated and committed to doing his job, whether Ms. Long likes it or not! If you were so innocent, Ms. Long, I do not think you would make such a stink – ha-ha that’s funny as crap! … get it – stink! – about getting the ticket I am betting you deserved. Guilty or not?

The court system is the proper place to voice your difference of opinion in regards to citations, not the editorials, and certainly not by name-calling. You were very out of line using the term “Nazi” in your recent rant. You should think before you type, and sometimes wait until morning before you hit the send icon. I love those lame dog owners that pick up their dogs poop in a baggie … then leave the friggin’ bag on the side of the trail and don’t pick it up later.

Oh well, just warming my fingers up for a fun summer of editorial submissions. Enjoy yourselves and love thy neighbor, even if you hate ’em.

John Norman


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