Shut down this nightmare |

Shut down this nightmare

Five reasons to vote for S-curves:

1. If they can’t have mass transit through the S-curves, how will they squeeze a train in the roundabout?

2. Nobody will pay $7 to ride a train one way! Why not spend money on free buses up and down the valley!

3. Adding the Marolt lanes, without eliminating the Snowbunny light to roundabout road would help a bit to spread cloggage out, but not just moving traffic a couple hundred feet and eliminating an under-bridge detour route.

4. A Tiehack Road-to-school/Highlands auto bridge would thin roundabout cloggage much better than the straight shot during apres-ski/school hours and for the morning commute, by giving downvalley folks another way to go!

5. The tunnel.

Until they clearly design a solution that will actually help, we’ve got to voice our opinions and shut down this expensive, ineffective, years of construction, underground nightmare!

Please vote against an irreversible shortsighted mistake.

Tom Alpern


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