Shunning the working class families |

Shunning the working class families

Dear Editor:That’s just so awesome that Aspen Skiing Co. is being responsive to the public – minority and troublesome though they may be about the new changes to its ski passes ( “Skico ‘guarantees’ satisfaction,” The Aspen Times, Wednesday, Sept. 2).However, Skico is still catering to those who have money and time.What about local families who work and cannot afford a Flex Pass or anything higher? What about families who have kids in Aspen Valley Ski & Snowboard Club and only have enough money to ski when their kids are taking classes?That’s what we’ve done year after year. We bought the five-day Classic Pass until Skico wisely upped the days to a seven-day Classic Pass. That was even better (even though the Classic went up $20 annually, for no reason and without fail), because then we could ski while our kids participated in the AVSC 6-day classes and only had to pay a baby-sitter for one day extra of skiing.Now, that option is gone.If our kids continue with AVSC we will no longer be able to ski while they take their lessons.Because we’re worker bees, we don’t have time and money to buy anything other than a five-day Classic. Two days have been taken away from us this year while two days more are on the kids’ AVSC classes. That means three days of paying baby-sitters. And in this economy, it’s not something we can afford to do.Last spring, we skied at my old haunting grounds, Loveland Ski Area, and all my old friends said to me, “Why don’t you live somewhere where you can afford to ski?”Good question. It is hard living close to some of the best skiing in the United States and only be able to afford five days a season.If we didn’t love this valley and its people so much, we would seek cheaper pastures, and cheaper ski passes that allow many, many more days of skiing.Skico, I dare you to come up with a solution for the locals, the workers, and the AVSC moms and dads who’d like to ski, too. Five days of skiing is a mere tease.I’ve always thought a 10-day pass would be awesome for working families.Is that too logical? Or just not profitable?Annie UyeharaCarbondale

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