Shunned by the sheriff, newspapers |

Shunned by the sheriff, newspapers

Dear Editor:

As I said before, our local “newspapers” only print the letters they think will get their desired response.

I have written two letters recently with information you should be aware of, but it didn’t complement the sheriff and his underling so of course they were not printed.

One thing they should, however, clear up is a comment one Andrew Britton-Rushing made concerning an investigation by the APD about the sheriff’s department lack of attention to a case in my interest (“Put a lid on Etna,” letters to the editor, Aug. 26, 2010, The Aspen Times)

I called the APD yesterday to offer my cooperation in said case. They know nothing about it! Are you posing as on officer of the APD in all your Google searching? Is that a legal activity?

Mr. Rushing should also know I was a resident of the county at said incident. Therefore it was the sheriff’s duty. Three other residents have informed me of the same misfortune! Think about this, Pitkin County residents, when you vote in November.

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Etna Tauscher


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