Show us the law! |

Show us the law!

Dear Editor:

War leaves scars that run deep and mend slow. I am grateful to this valley, my home, for aid in healing my wounds. I, in unison with many, sincerely believe (and can prove) that there is no law that requires a citizen to file an income tax return. The truth that income tax is a vast deception will mark a major turning point in U.S. history. It will forever change how Americans view their government.

We veterans need only band together and shout with a strong, united voice, “Show us the law!” If there is no law, we are bound by oath to declare war and, once again, march against “all enemies, foreign and domestic.” We brothers and sisters, who know of war and of the sacrifice that freedom requires, could ignite a revolution with this simple demand. And, heroes all, toast our triumph for years to come.

Any volunteers?

Will Kesler

Snowmass Village

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