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Show us, don’t tell us

Dear Editor:

I pray every day that when I open The Aspen Times to the letters to the editor pages, there will not be another letter from Sue Gray. Why do we have to continually be subjected to her anti-Semitic rants? Has she anything new to say, or is she spewing the same misinformation over and over and over again, ad nauseum?

If she wants to become an expert on the “Palestinian” situation, I think she would be wise to immerse herself in the culture and area of the world that she portends to be an expert about. The “Palestinians” could use someone like Sue over there helping their cause – why waste your energy and efforts here on American soil? You could become a martyr!

And maybe, if Sue relocated to the Middle East, she could become an expert on how the “Palestinians” became a people with no land. Where did they all come from? Why haven’t the neighboring Arab states extended a benevolent hand and offered them a piece of desert? Why does the U.S. send billions of dollars In aid to the “Palestinian” authority when none of their Arab brethren do the same? What does the money get used for? Where are the billions of dollars in aid that Arafat collected? She could glean first-hand knowledge!

Have you been to the Middle East, Sue? Do you know of what you speak? Do you see how the poor people of Amman, Cairo, Dubai, Beirut, etc., live? Have you seen how the Arab nations treat their own? Do you understand the basic philosophies of their society and culture?

If not, then definitely go! Take your all your money and all your energy and pity and put it to good use In supporting the “Palestinian” cause! Help them fight for their rights! Care for their injured, and feed their forsaken, and bandage their wounded! Help them rebuild their homes and become a nation, be on the ground floor of their new beginning! Go! Do! The sooner the better!

Nina Hawn Zale


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