Show some respect, Bert |

Show some respect, Bert

Dear Editor:Politics stink. Why? One big reason is because guys like Bert Myrin seem to exist to make politicians’ lives hell. Given that Bert did not win a seat in recent elections, and that his ideas are not supported by a majority of the council, Bert’s angle is to attack, name-call and exaggerate, rather than work to further his concerns respectfully and cooperatively with those who did win. Bert’s new favorite phrase is the “Klanderization” (or something like that) of Aspen. He attempts to paint her as a pro-growth, make-Aspen-big person who is single-handedly making over Aspen. In my experience, it’s absurd. First of all, Helen is one vote of five on the council. Second, Helen (and the council) is reacting to address many problems that have been festering for decades. I work in this arena as a developer and my experience with Helen is she is not a “make-Aspen-bigger” politician, as Bert attempts to stereotype her. Right or wrong, I think Helen’s and the council’s efforts are a sincere reaction to real issues to which no one knows the answers.Re: Jack Johnson as an architect. C’mon! Who really cares? If I was building a house and Jack said he was an architect, yeah, I would care. But in the context in which Bert seems to be in such a snit, is that really a big enough issue to spend your time on? Is Bert really just punishing him because he disagrees or lost an election? Aspen has been lucky to get politicians who care about the place and aren’t corrupt or self-promoting. Agree or disagree with them, guys like Terry Paulson and Tim Semrau run and serve because they care. There is no hidden agenda. They both/all deserve our appreciation for the effort. Guys like Bert Myrin make it harder and harder for good people to decide to serve for fear of becoming targets of his kind of attack politics. The papers love it and splash it on the front page because, hell, it moves papers – that’s all they care about. It’s unfortunate. I just wish more respect could be shown to the people who serve.Scott WriterAspen